Chain Reaction


So seldom does a reader fully grasp
intent. When opportunities arise
to delve into the vault, release the clasp
and view our work through fellow writers’ eyes,
the benefits are boundless. Feedback leaves
a double dip; each gives and each receives.

Reluctantly, I set surrendered rhymes
aside in favor of unfettered form
to find expression in unmetered lines
in hope of affirmation, safe and warm.
I stretched beyond a narrow comfort zone
and held my breath, uncertain and alone.

You soared above the cookie-mold “critique”
that bears a single sentence with applause
to analyze my message and technique
with thorough diligence, despite the flaws.
Intelligent, discerning, quick and kind,
you plumbed the veiled recesses of my mind.

© Mary Boren, 2014


This poem gives me a rare opportunity to bask. Ah, yes, like slipping into a warm tub of bubbles, with a scent that calms and refreshes. I shall bask for a few moments… . Hmmm. That really didn’t look like basking…

Your poem represents the kind of “chain reaction” I had hoped for — first, you guide me to your own poem of your choice (and I love that idea, because it’s all your choice!), then I react to it (and given my quirky ways, it has to be interesting, at least!), then, you react to my reaction, and I react to your reaction to my reaction. Well, that’s lot of Newton’s Third Law of Motion, if you ask me (and an apple to the teacher as well!). Aw, Newton, I just love that guy, he’s positively dreamy…

Oh, yes, back to your poem. Well, your reaction poem expressed exactly how my comment made you feel, which is just what I hoped it would. I can’t help but say how thrilled I am that my reaction — 1. did not miss the point, 2. did not say a lot of pretty words that mean nothing, 3. did not result in being superficial, and 4. did not bore you to the point that you didn’t even respond to it but simply wrote more about yourself. Yay! One plus out of 11 entries isn’t too bad, is it? Well, considering what you get on AllPoetry these days, it’s pretty good odds…

So I must thank you profusely for doing this: “I STRETCHED BEYOND A NARROW COMFORT ZONE AND HELD MY BREATH, UNCERTAIN AND ALONE”.  That is a most singular leap of faith for a creative artist to take. It is so, so risky –you could fall flat on your face (like I do when I try to write iambic anything!) — but what great courage it takes to go ahead and do it. Then, in your case, you landed on your feet! So all really is well that ends well, but in this case, it feels more like “all’s well that begins well”. 

© Katherine Michaels, 2014

High Flight