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“There are many trails to the summit.”

-Native American Proverb

At Poets Collective, we celebrate the diversity of genres, poetic devices, innovations, and examples that contribute to the continuing survival of the art into the 22nd century.  The sole purpose of our network of blogs and subsites is to encourage  and promote the work of poets who share that goal.

Learning Curve

As volunteer curators and facilitators, we do not present ourselves as scholars or authorities.  We are simply friends who have lived with and explored various aspects of the craft for decades and wish to share that experience with the online community. Guest articles and resources of potential interest and encouragement to poets are welcome and appreciated.

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Page One

We will faithfully strive to build an audience-worthy collection of contemporary and classic poetry at the front entrance to the Poets Collective network, maintaining a balance of styles, topics, and authors.  Because our target audience is not primarily poets, we generally steer clear of poems about poem-writing.  Poems that have entered the public domain (usually 80 years after publication) are also welcome if accompanied by a review.

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Print Anthologies

From time to time, we compile and publish themed collections of outstanding poetry in addition to that found on Page One of our website.

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Happy writing!

Mary Boren, Site Administrator


  1. pattiboo October 18, 2014 4:28 pm  Reply

    Hi Mary how do I send you some photos for use on the site?
    Where will I find the photos Wally submitted?

  2. Poets Collective October 18, 2014 6:28 pm  Reply

    Thanks for asking, Pat! Please send them to the submissions address shown above — I look forward to seeing what you have. You can click the Multimedia button from this page, or get to that section from any page on Poets Collective by clicking on “explore the domain” in the horizontal black bar at the top of the screen, then click “Free Graphics” from there. Here’s a direct link to Wally’s collection: http://poetscollective.org/multimedia/category/multimedia/free-graphics/

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