Heroic Crown of Sonnets

Heroic Crown of Sonnets

Here you will find every Sonnet Redouble’, also known as Heroic Sonnet Crown, that I have found published in this century.

Unfortunately, upon analysis of each of these wonderful creations, only “The Gift” is technically qualified as a Sonnet Redouble’, in that none of the others listed have line 14 of Sonnet 14 the same as line 1 of Sonnet 1.

In addition I do not find that every sonnet in each work (Including “The Gift” exhibits the required Volta).  So I still await a technically correct Heroic Crown of Sonnets. – March 16, 2014.

All  work listed after the Warrior’s Tale seem to be technically conforming.


Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England Lawrence Eberhart, and Jose M. Rizal Reyes, first published on Allpoetry.com.  Nov. 2013
The Choice First published on Allpoetry by Gavin M.  Quinn,  Jan.  2017
The Fairy First published on Allpoetry by Streambed.  Feb. 2014
The Princess First published on Allpoetry by Streambed.   March 2014.
The Gift (c) 2001 by Seanan McGuire and Batya “The Toon” Wittenberg
The Warrior’s Tale First Published on Allpoetry by Virgina Archer March 8, 2014
Jonathon Livingston Seagull – The Poem First Published on Allpoetry by Lawrence Eberhart on March 12, 2014 – Revised in collaboration with Glenn Meisenheimer in late March 2014 and is now a proper Heroic Crown.
Love At First Glance First Published on Allpoetry by Virginia Archer, on March 27, 2014 in collaboration with Lawrence Eberhart.
Eternally Yours First published on Hello Poetry by Joel Frey in 2012.
It strikes me as the best work here.  Joel has created a ballad in a Heroic Crown, filled with allusion, alliteration, vivid visual story-telling and poetic devices too numerous to mention.  Bravo

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  1. Joel Frye says:

    Just to let you know, I wrote a heroic crown titled, “Eternally Yours” on HelloPoetry in 2012., struck it, and reposted in 2014. Please feel free to take a look.

  2. I am planning my first Heroic Crown of Sonnets. Any practical advice on the process would be most welcome. A check list of confoming points would also be very helpful. It would be a pity to take the touble and find I had missed a basic point.

  3. Carolyn Coughlin says:

    Hi, what about these Heroic Crowns? It is a set of 3.


    In each of the three sonnets, Line 1 and Line 14 of Sonnnet 14 are the same. Then he has done a 15th sonnet that has the first line of each sonnet and forms an acrostic.

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