Slide Sonnet

The Slide Sonnet is created be Victoria Sutton aka “PassionsPromise.”  
Like most sonnets, it has 14 lines. 
It is composed with eight syllables to each line. 
The first half of the first line of each stanza “slides” 
to the last half of the third line, 
creating a unique poetic repetition.  
The rhyme scheme may be “aabb ccdd eeff gg” 
or “abab cdcd efef gg” or abba cddc effe gg”
Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Slide Sonnet)
If you should speak in anger, dear, 
first speak where only you can hear 
then speak softly if you should speak 
Good results come from this technique. 
If meaning’s clear, is message fair? 
Are words intended to repair, 
if so, they will if meaning’s clear 
for your goals are mine too my dear.
The words can wait, while anger cools 
and then converse when reason rules. 
I will be here, the words can wait.
You views I will appreciate. 
Use whispers closely late tonight. 
And honey I will make it right. 
aabb ccdd eeff gg  or abab cdcd efef gg or abba cddc effe gg
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2 Responses to Slide Sonnet

  1. gwennonr says:

    This was a lot of fun to read. I keep coming back to read it just one more time. I would love to make a copy to print up and frame. With this in mind, can you tell me the name of the author so that I can give credit where credit is due?

    Thank you!

    Thanks again,


    • Lawrencealot says:

      The inventor of the form was Victoria Sutton, the author of this poem was yours truly, Larry Eberhart, writing at Lawrencealot on

      You may copy and post as you like.

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