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Poets Collective Multisite Network is a big stage, with winding corridors and cozy corners. This will lead you to some of the high spots.

Poets in Profile

Some of our favorites from 25 years of web-wandering:
Mary Boren | Duane Dodson | Susanne DonoghueRoger Dorey | Susan Eckenrode | Laryalee Fraser | Denise Gurran | Frank HalliwellEric Linden | Mike Porter | Charlie Rankin | Peter Smallwood | Dennis Turner | Mark Vincent | Joy Watson 

Poets at Peace

Deceased poet friends whose words still ring clearly. Links except those marked with an asterisk will open in a new window. These sites were built prior to 2004 and, though housed on the Poets Collective domain, are not searchable in connection with our multi-site network.
John T. Baker | Ray Gessler | Denise Gurran* | Laryalee Frazer* | Robert Kogan | Judie Peet | John Pickersgill | Don Tidwell

Flight of Fancy

A rhyming tour of some classic poems.

Hungry Eyes

An epic rhyming recap of Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights”.

Public Domain Classics