When the World Screams

Confluences of miscommunication
are nothingness intensified by twelves,
the deafening cacophonous vibration
of people who are strangers to themselves.

I’d rather listen to the sound of silence
with all the rich inflection in its voice
that renovates the soul and quells the violence
within the human heart — a winning choice.

cc-by-nc-nd Mary Boren, 2017

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Filter’s Kilter


The booming Information Age presents
a private view of limitless terrain
to each who holds a keyboard. What’s to gain?
Enlightenment? Fulfillment? An immense
renewal of the spirit? Is the dense
uncharted undergrowth a deeper plane
or virtual excuse to feed the brain
at garbage heaps? What’s your experience?

Pretend, for fifteen minutes, what we do
is all suit up and gather on the court
of mental exercise (for health, for peace)
to think on “whatsoever things are true
and honest, just and pure, of good report.”
Do you suppose cacophony could cease?


cc-by-nc-nd Mary Boren,  2002