Wrapped Refrain Style 2

Wrapped Refrain (Form No. 2), created by Jan Turner, carries some similar aspects as her Wrapped Refrain form, with further advanced techniques. It consists of 2 or more stanzas of 8 lines each, with the following set rules:

Meter: 14/14/8/8/8/8/14/14
Rhyme Scheme: aabbccdd.

Refrain rule: In each stanza, the first 10 syllables in the first line (incorporating a phrase) must be the last 10 syllables at the end of the last line (line #8).
Example #1:
Castle in the Clouds

Bavaria, you render dreams come true on hills of white.
Your castle glints through moonbeams, snowy spires in the night.
My mind says it’s just a mirage
or nature playing with collage…
that if I turn around I bet
it shall just disappear, and yet
my eyes instead see parapets that break the skyline blue,
as straight ahead, Bavaria, you render dreams come true.

Bavaria, your Disneyland is mine this very night;
it’s just as if your castle planned its setting, out of sight,
for some of us to stumble on.
But, if I blink will it be gone?
This castle you have hid so well
enchants me with its magic spell;
it lures me into fantasies en-wrapped with snowy pine.
You render dreams, Bavaria… your Disneyland is mine.

Copyright © 2009 Jan Turner

Pasted from <http://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/wrappedrefrain2.html>

My example poem:

Consumption Gumption  (Wrapped Refrain style 2)

Folks of different cultures do of course feel differently.
I’d rather have them eat a horse instead of eating me.
A measure of degree again
for horses are almost our kin.
They’re friends and assets with great worth
They’ve carried us and toiled the earth.
Man’s climb from darkness was aided by the dog and the horse.
Eat them? No, but folks of different cultures do of course

To preclude cannibalism of course I’d eat a beast
who also soon would die, but it would be a sorry feast.
Moral questions now spring to light–
Is eating sentient things alright?
Natures template seems not to care.
Strong eat the weak most everywhere.
It’s easy to eat “thoughtless” things but not our friend the horse–
unless required to preclude cannibalism of course.

© Lawrencealot – Febrary 13, 2013.

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Mirrored Refrain

The Mirrored Refrain is a rhyming verse form constructed by Stephanie Repnyek.
The poem is formed by three or more quatrains where two lines within
the quatrain are the “mirrored refrain” or alternating refrain.
The rhyme scheme is as follows: xaBA xbAB xaBA xbAB, etc.. (xaABxbABxaBA)
There is no set meter or line-length.
x represents the only lines that do not have to rhyme within the poem.
But you CAN choose to rhyme them.
A and B represent the refrain.

Example Poem

A Night for Us

Her earrings match her blouse and skirt.
I hand the rose to my best friend,
With slow and silent kiss I start.
In brash flamboyant glee I end.

The fireplace shadows seem to flirt
With ceiling as the fire I start.
In brash flamboyant glee I end.
With slow and silent kiss I start.

We finish the night with the kids
at mom’s so ardor will ascend.
With slow and silent kiss I start.
In brash flamboyant glee I end.

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MLou Quintet

This form was invented by Mary Lou Healy, aka, MLou at Allpoetry
Each Stanza has the following form:
Line 1, 5 feet;
Line 2, 3 feet;
Line 3, 4 feet;
Line 4, 3 feet;
Line 5, 4 feet.

As many quintet stanzas as preferred,
rhyme scheme: ababa  cdcdc  efefe  ghghg  etc.

Example Poem

My Wife

While I sat pondering, “What shall I write?”
my thoughts turned to my wife.
Of course she is my warmth at night-
adds color to my life,
but still those claims seem much too trite.

Her common sense exceeds one’s proper share.
No problem she has faced
has gone unsolved; now that is rare.
She finds what I’ve misplaced
and tends to all with loving care.

She thinks that even at my age I’m fine,
and though I don’t agree
(I think my faults are still benign)
she does put up with me
and populates my life’s design.

© Lawrencealot – September 24, 2012

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A Monchielle is stanzaic refrain form created by Jim Tage Henriksen, who writes on Allpoetry.com.
The rules are as follows: first line repeats in each stanza, 
it consist four stanzas in total, each stanza consists of five lines, 
each line consists of six syllables, and lines three and five rhyme. 
The pattern is AbcdcAefgfAhijiAklml 
Example Poem 

Ducky Bras
Please let me make your bra.
My business needs a start.
And you would look so fine
If you were to be seen
In a brassier of mine.
Please let me make your bra.
I custom fit each one.
I promise they will fit.
I measure lovingly,
I hold and weigh each tit.
Please let me make your bra.
One price for any size.
Your bust can’t be too large.
I do so love my work,
thus may reduce the  charge.
Please let me make your bra.
I’ll give you some cleavage
if you want,  and push up
those puppies, TuDor style,
Adding at least a cup.
© Lawrencealot – April 13, 2012
(Picture credit:  Bing Images)
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A monolilquie poem is a form was created by Gerald Bostock.
It starts, ends and is titled after a single word. It follows a mono rhyme scheme.
Each line is typically as short as possible, and the scenarios expressed become increasingly absurd.

Example Poem




Oh my,
he buys high,
corners supply,
sells higher by and by
in Versailles.
by the by
says Birds-Eye
is a buy.

Lunch, you buy-
no black tie
meat pie,
peas- black-eye,
then I
mince pie,
or shoo-fly
with chai
cus I
am bone dry
that’s why
tough guy.

Don’t sigh,
it’s July
in string tie
or bow tie.
Let’s drive by
fish fry
or  fly high
to Shanghai
on red eye
then try
pork pie.

Your tie
needs my
vat dye
or tie-dye.

Look guy,
that Thai
her thigh
shows high,
oh my
let’s buy.

Can’t comply
she’s shy
not nearby
sly deny.

Gone awry
I’ll decry.
blue sky,
wise guy
run by.
Well, hi

© Lawrencealot – October 2, 2012


The Monometric Form was
Invented by  Walter E. Ferguson III, aka Thunder_Speech on Allpoetry

The form can be manifest in three modes:
The norm is Augmented Monometric, illustrated below by that author’s poem.

This form requires the poet to begin with a couplet, then augment
each succeeding stanza with one more line.

Each stanza is to be independent mono-rhyme.

Lines can be of any constant meter, e.g.,
Iambic trimeter, Iambic tetrameter, Iambic pentameter, etc..or
Trochaic tetramter, trochaic pentameter, etc., or
Amphibrach Dimeter, amphibrach Trimeter, etc..
To summarize, the poet may choose ANY consistent meter and feet, and
then apply mono-rhyme to increasing length stanzas.

If the poet chooses to start with his maximum stanza length and subtract one line
each stanza, ending with a couplet, it is then called a Diminished Monometric.

Clearly an enterprising poet could append each type and have a Reversing Monometric.

Example Poem

Routine   (Reversing Monometric)

Joe digs the hole each day.
It’s always been that way.

I stick the bloody pole
into the bloomin’ hole
That’s always been my role.

The hole’s then filled by Ned.
while Joe goes on ahead.
I fetch poles from the shed,
so nothing need be said.

Well I was sick one day.
Work went on anyway.
They knew their jobs okay.
They did them the same way.

Joe dug; Ned filled the hole.
They both knew their own role
but didn’t know the goal.

It’s OK, now I’m back.
We’ll get the fence on track.

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The monotetra is a new poetic form developed by Michael Walker. Each stanza contains four lines in monorhyme. Each line is in tetrameter (four metrical feet) for a total of eight syllables. What makes the monotetra so powerful as a poetic form, is that the last line contains two metrical feet, repeated. It can have as few as one or two stanzas, or as many as desired.
Stanza Structure:
Line 1: 8 syllables; A1
Line 2: 8 syllables; A2
Line 3: 8 syllables; A3
Line 4: 4 syllables, repeated; A4, A4  (8/8/8/8)
Example Poem


My gramp brought me a valentine.
To give to mommy and it’s just fine.
I’m four years old and it’s all mine.
A valentine. A valentine.

It’s got a heart and teddy bear
To show my mom how much I care.
A tiny voice came from nowhere,
“I’ve got no flair.” “I’ve got no flair.”

Somehow that card said words to me.
“I’m not as fine as I can be.
I need more personality”
that she can see, that she can see.”

“With your help lad, I’ll be much more.
I’ll be a card that she’ll adore.”
I’ll not be common anymore!
Accept this chore.  Accept this chore.”

With a crayon I wrote just “my”
before “Mom”.   She is my own, that’s why.
I signed Tommy then heard card sigh.
I don’t know why, I don’t know why.

The card she’s kept for all this time.
A priceless card that cost a dime.
Mom says I made the value climb
with my first rhyme, with my first rhyme.

© Lawrencealot – February 9, 2013

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Mystique Sonetillo Acróstico

This form was created by  Alberto Jose Alvarez Gonzalez aka MystiqueWizzard

It is a mixture of  Acrostic, Sonetillo and English Sonnet as it would end with rhyming couplet.

Here´s the twist:
8 syllables : Stanzas 1 -3
7 syllables  :Stanza 2 and couplet

Rhyming Scheme is: abba bccb cddc ee, (abbabccbcddcee)

The closing couplet must conclude what’s stated in the first two stanzas and
the third stanza will be a little change in the direction of the statement( light volta).
You must choose a theme that holds 14 letters so you can make it acrostic.

The theme MUST be a satire or hold an obvious satirical tonality.

Example Poem


America, Obama said,
Needs fundamental change– and hope.
That he, a dream black, clean as soap,
Implied would be so free of dread.

Can’t ‘member him saying “Nope,
All thru creating, so much
Prosperity– losing touch
Indeed with the poor man’s need.”

There’s green that needs the Fed’s soft touch.
All businesses need our control
Lest they be soon on public dole.
Imagine! We can be your crutch.

So yep,  I do have small change.
That’s one thing he did arrange.

© Lawrencealot – August 25, 2012

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Naani is one of Indian’s most popular Telugu poems. Naani means an expression of one and all. It consists of 4 lines, the total lines consists of 20 to 25 syllables. The poem is not bounded to a particular subject. Generally it depends upon human relations and current statements. This poetry was introduced by one of the renowned Telugu poets Dr. N.Gopi, presently working as vice-chancellor to Telugu University, Andhra Pradesh.
Example #1:
A dialogue
When lengthens
Remain questions
Without answer as criticism.

Copyright © 2001 Bollimuntha venkata Ramana Rao

Example # 2
Should I Critique Only Perfect Poems
Sometimes criticism bites
other times it sucks
choosing honesty over fluff
may cost you friends.
 © Lawrencealot – June 15, 2012


NIBOR  a form invented by Robin Richardson Jr.,aka Sector-Hunter on allpoetry.com.

A Nibor is a poem of 10 stanzas

1.The first 3 stanzas are in lines of 3 and are set up in a syllable count 3/4/3
2.The next 3 stanzas are set in lines of 4 and go 5/6/5/6
3.The next 3 stanzas are in lines of 3 and are set up in a syllable count 3/4/3
4.The last stanza  in the poem is a single line and has to rhyme with the first line in the previous stanza it can be as long or short as you want as long as it rhymes

Example Poem

A Nibor
is a bank rate
of exchange

in Norway.
It is also

here, on A. P.
by our own.

Its requirements are
that you know how to count
and limit yourself
by lines within stanzas.

Also you must use
a specific number
of syllables in
each particular line.

Three tercets to start.
Followed by three quatrains.
Three tercets to end-
almost; there’s one more line.

It is its
stanza alone.
and must rhyme.

to free-form with
no reward.

You need not
even know what
meter is.

It that hot?

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