Partenza Represa

The Partenza Represa created by: Dawn Slanker
It contains any number of four line stanzas which can rhyme or not rhyme
depending on preference. The most important features of this form are that
it maintains strict syllable line count of your choosing:
8*6*8*6, 8*8*8*8, 10*10*10*10, etc…and that each line must begin
(anywhere you like) with the last portion of the preceding line.
Also, it’s important to point out that you have the option of either
continuing the first line of each stanza with a refrain from the line
preceding it or you may choose to begin an entirely new line for each stanza.
IMHO that makes this one of the most versatile forms I have yet addressed:

Any meter, any line length, any or no rhyme, word refrains

Example Poem

They Fart Melodies

Some folks believe their shit don’t stink.
Their shit don’t  stink, some people think.
Some people think, It seems to  me,
It seems to me- You may agree.

Suggest they’ve faltered and you’ll see.
You’ll see amazment- “What?  Not me!
Not me, the fault is in your view.
Your  view if critical– untrue!”

Their poop’s foil-wrapped, it has no smell.
It has no smell, a fool can tell.
A  fool can tell they’re always right.
They’re always right; therein’s our plight.

Fawn, applaud, and give them respect.
Respect even what’s not correct.
Correct them once and you’ll be banned.
You’ll be banned: You don’t understand

© Lawrencealot – April 30, 2012

Example visual template

Partenza Represa

Paulo Comitatu

This is a poetry form created by Allen R.  Emery,  aka Joe King on
I call this form paulo comitatu, “Little Train”. It is like an engine then three other cars. 
Line 1 of each verse in Iambic Tetrameter
Lines 2-4 are Iambic trimeter.
The trimeter lines share mono-rhyme.
Stanza patters are you choice, the template shows three possibles:
x, a, a, a. 
x, b, b, b. 
a, b, b, b
a, c, c, c
d, e, e, e
d, f, f, f
a, b, b, b,
a b, b, b,    
c, d, d, d, 
c, d, d, d.

Poem Example

Sketch a Man

A man wants many things in life.
He wants security,
he needs identity,
and wants fidelity.

 He wants not just a faithful wife, 
but certainty from all, 
in matters large and small 
when friends and family call.

 One having such, can actualize 
and act not just for him, 
but laugh and joke on whim, 
and smile when hopes are dim.

 Foremost it comes as no surprise 
her touch, her talk, her care 
the ideas that they share 
will take man anywhere.

  © Lawrencealot – December 27, 2012


Visual template
Paulo Comitatu

Paulo Ludibrium Comitatu

Paulo Ludibrium Comitatu (Little Toy Train), created by Lawrencealot
      Patterned after the Paulo Comitatu.
The form consists of one or more octaves where the 1st and 5th lines
are Iambic Trimeter with and extra unaccented syllable
da DUM  da DUM  da DUM da (Technically two iambs and an amphibrach)
The remaining lines are proper Iambic Trimeter
Rhyme Pattern: xaba xcbc
Example Poem

Waiting for Her Backwoods Pilot

She sat there by the window
and watched the falling rain.
Her mind went to the past
she hummed a sweet refrain.
He traveled through the forest
with cautious stealth and dread.
Alone and failing fast,

he’d crashed and should be dead.

(c) Lawrencealot November  11, 2012
Visual Template


A syllabic form.
No meter specified.
No rhyme.

syllabic count 2/4/7/8/6;
line 1 is the subject;
line 2 gives description;
line 3, action;
line 4, the setting;
line 5, final thought.

Best Centered

Example poem

My Socks – Lost and Found
My socks
get a divorce
in my laundry; wallflowers
created in drier dances-
washday musical chairs.
© Lawrencealot – November 20, 2012

Visual template