The Symetrelle is a form created by Julie Moeller Writing on Allpoetry com as Bluejewel.

She describes it thus:

It begins and ends with a single subject line that is 7 syllables.   
It has ‘a hat and boots’, mono-rhymed couplets 
that lead you into and out of the subject with a 9 syllable count.  

At the heart of it is a mono-rhymed 4 line quatrain with an 11 syllable count.


Here is one of her poems:


I don’t have to be perfect

From tragedy, it became my goal

Trying to untangle guilt from soul


It is exhausting to keep toeing that line

Always giving more, at everything outshine

Perhaps time expectations to realign 

Embracing forgiveness of self is divine


The sun rests too, as part of its role

Soothing peace after a day of toll


I don’t have to be perfect.

My Attempt

Inviation to Meditate (Symetrelle)

Invitation to Meditate

The many shades of tranquil

Invite a moment’s meditation,
a time for stress to take vacation

Set aside just briefly all that so compels,
the tasks upon which your mind so often dwells,
absorb solace from the sight, the sounds, the smells;
thrive in noting all the tension this dispels.

When cleared of complex cogitation
your mind provides imagination:

the many shades of tranquil.

© Lawrencealot – November 24, 2015

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