Double Refrain Ballade Supreme

An isosyllabic poem of 35 lines divided into three ten line verses and a five-line envoi.
Each line is usually eight or ten syllables long.
 It has two refrains.
The rhyming and repeating structure are thus:
Example Poem
Distracted  ( Double Refrain Ballade Supreme)
I wonder why it seems to be 
that what I’ve planned is still undone 
when evening catches up with me. 
At times I’ve even not begun 
on plans I’d reckoned might be fun. 
I start my day with plans in mind 
and then some poet’s verse I find 
that illustrates I’ve more to learn 
about those words so well aligned 
and dally there without concern. 
I will admit to OCD 
that leads me to what I should shun- 
a not known form of poetry 
(or one at least I’ve never spun) 
Always I feel I must try one. 
I start my day with plans in mind 
But ‘ere I start I’m ‘oft inclined 
to read and let the candle burn 
and ponder what my friends designed,
and dally there without concern. 
I’m after all the invitee, 
as sure as I’m my mother’s son, 
they wrote these words for me to see. 
The ticking clock can’t be outrun, 
my plans get lost but know-how’s won. 
I start my day with plans in mind 
but some how they get left behind 
when I see skills for which I yearn 
where thought and form are well combined 
I dally there without concern. 
Although the Pert chart’s undefined 
I start my day with plans in mind 
occasionally I will return 
to readings that were not assigned 
and dally there without concern. 
© Lawrencealot – January 24, 2014
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