A Monchielle is stanzaic refrain form created by Jim Tage Henriksen, who writes on
The rules are as follows: first line repeats in each stanza, 
it consist four stanzas in total, each stanza consists of five lines, 
each line consists of six syllables, and lines three and five rhyme. 
The pattern is AbcdcAefgfAhijiAklml 
Example Poem 

Ducky Bras
Please let me make your bra.
My business needs a start.
And you would look so fine
If you were to be seen
In a brassier of mine.
Please let me make your bra.
I custom fit each one.
I promise they will fit.
I measure lovingly,
I hold and weigh each tit.
Please let me make your bra.
One price for any size.
Your bust can’t be too large.
I do so love my work,
thus may reduce the  charge.
Please let me make your bra.
I’ll give you some cleavage
if you want,  and push up
those puppies, TuDor style,
Adding at least a cup.
© Lawrencealot – April 13, 2012
(Picture credit:  Bing Images)
Visual Template
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One Response to Monchielle

  1. Thanks for featuring my form here, Lawrence! The example was great, though maybe you ought to put in a blank line between each stanza to make it easier to read? The aid you made is great. You could maybe put in your own poem in the visual template with one syllable in each box, so it’s even more evident how it works. I hope that other poets finds this page, and gets the help they need from it. 😀 Jim

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