The Pictorial
The Pictorial, created by Emily Romano is a type of shape poem, where the entire poem must be printed in slanting lines indicative of the thought in those lines. The poem should consist of three lines with five words or less per line. There should be rhyme somewhere in the poem, either end rhyme or internal rhyme.
Example #1:

See                       and                      rippling
     how                       how                            like
            the                        the                             waves
                  roof                     sunlight                         along
                         slopes                        follows                     hollows

Copyright © 2007 Emily Romano

Example #2:

                 shows                 rows:                  glows!
         moon               beyond            pumpkin
Rising                rows                  each

Copyright © 2007 Emily Romano

Example #3:
Migration (Double Pictorial)

The               my                    for               that
     skies            soul                   it                   all
            are              seeks               is                  cares
                where             peace           there              cease.

                  sees                          flight          geese               right.
            one                     shaped            of                seems
      when               v-                 flocks          world
For              the                    of                 the

Copyright © 2007 Jan Turner


Pasted from http://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/pictorial.html

Many thanks to the ShadowPoetry site.


Note:  I saw from the above example the the poet has some leeway on the number of lines.

My example


Puppy Rescue  (Double Pictorial)

                        but found the task too hard.       The pup fell from above
                   then carried him far up                               and landed in my yard.
            from the pup’s own yard                                           So give your puppy love
An eagle snatched a pup                                                            but always be on guard.

 Lawrencealot – January 30, 2015



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