This is a form invented by Lisa Morris , aka Streambed on Allpoetry.

Streambed is so grounded in sonnetry, that it spills
over into most everything she writes, but in this case
she has decided to become mischievous and play in the
muddied waters of Roundeaus and Rondels as well.

The SonnetyRondel might better be described as a
SonnetyRondeau because this form uses the rentrement
or first phrase of L1 as a refrain rather than the
full line as in the Rondel.

Stanzaic: Four quatrains
Metric: Iamic pentameter and di-meter
Rhyme Scheme: abaB baaB abaB|

Her first example
My Heart is True (SonnetyRoundel)

My heart is true and ever will be so;
it murmurs love in words, which always new
pour from this ink, and catch you in their flow;
my heart is true.

I know the richness and the truths of you
and listen to your sighs when they ache low
and all your desert’s storming sandy blow.
My heart is true.

The years to come will ease the pain you know
with tenderness, which took deep root and grew
while beauty then, we’ll cultivate and sow;
my heart is true.

My example

You Know My Mind (SonnetyRondel)

You know my mind and always think of me;
and even when my acts may seem unkind,
you know I never meant for them to be,
you know my mind.

You know the warts and flaws you’ll sometimes find
that other people simply cannot see,
and disregard them – how sweet love can be!
You know my mind.

I’m sure I know at least a thing or three –
and love is thoughtful, if it is not blind!
You tolerate my spontaneity.
You know my mind.

Lawrence Eberhart – July 4, 2016

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