Magic 9

Magic 9

Typing too fast is often the cause of spellimg mistakes and one day Abracadabra was typed as a b a c a d a b a and right away a poetry form appeared. As can be seen its simply a progression around the first line and with lines 2 and 8 rhyming with each other also. Here is an example.


Shalt not thy deprave the spell of love 
enchanted words that melts the heart 
that cast thy spells deep within thereof 
within a mystical aura of spiritual magic 
that only lovers become reminiscent of 
powers of the occult shall be of sorcery 
percieved from insight of spirits above 
inspiration within shall not ever depart 
when a bewitched spell is as worthy of

Divena Collins

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My thanks to Divena Collins of thepoetsgarret.

Magic 9 Specifications restated:

A poetry form created by Divena Collins. It is:
A 9 line poem
Line-length and metrics at the discretion of the poet
Rhyme pattern: abacadaba

My example

Take This Job and Bag It (Magic 9)

Take This Job

I took a job, I was a stoop!
My college costs I had to pay.
I had to catch elephant poop
at the in-town animal show.
I used a sack upon a hoop;
if I missed a load, woe was me
I had to clean it with a scoop.
I’d never want to fall behind,
there weren’t just two, there was a troop.

© Lawrencealot – February 20, 2015

Visual Template

Magic 9

Enclosed Triplet

The Enclosed triplet is a very interesting form and if the a.b.a..b.c.b. format is used it forms the basis for the Sicilian Triplet , Terza Rima, using the enclosed word as continuity, or where lines or words are repeated there is the Villanelle, or later the Terzanelle.
The alternative left with is to have the centre unrelated completely as shown below


How would we know if our feelings are low 
So low that teardrops stain porcelain faces 
When faces are painted a warm loving glow 

Which glows through when a lover embraces 
If his embraces are few how may we know 
Shall love flow when a tender heart races. 

How can it be when true love hurts so much 
So much it can break in two loving hearts 
When hearts may respond to a sensual touch. 

For touch prevents them from falling apart 
Playing a part of true lovers games as such 
To stop love from hurting is a work of art. 

It could be that love came much too late 
That it was never to be for you and me 
For the love we had then was our fate. 

Divena Collins

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My thanks to Divena Collins of thepoetsgarret.

My example

Abhorrent ( Enclosed Triplet)

Some words I think I must abhor
for they are words I seldom use
but now I’ll try to use them more.

Like pardon, when I mean excuse
me madam, will you move your ass?
Or, loose by people who mean lose.

Correcting them, when done with class,
requires that I must bite my tongue;
when poets do it, it’s most crass.

© Lawrencealot – February 18, 2015

Visual template

Enclosed Triplet


The Paradelle is a modern poetic form invented by Billy Collins as a parody of the villanelle. Billy Collins claimed that the paradelle was a difficult, fixed form consisting of four six-line stanzas with a repetitive pattern invented in eleventh century France, and the press believed the story and ran with it.  Due to the extensive publicity, the Paradelle has made its rounds in the poetic community.  Even though the form was invented as a hoax, the Paradelle has taken on a life of its own.  It is still a difficult form, nonetheless, to practice which can be fun and
rewarding even though the inventor may not have intended it to be.

The Paradell Structure

First Three Stanzas:

The first two lines as well as the third and fourth lines of the first three stanzas must be the same
(repeat).  Where it begins to get difficult and become more of a poetic puzzle is when reaching
fifth and sixth lines.  These lines must contain all the words from the preceding four lines within
the stanza using them only once to form completely new lines.

Last Stanza:

For the most difficult piece of this poetic puzzle, the final stanza of the paradelle does not repeat like
the preceding stanzas, rather the final six lines must contain every word from the first three stanzas,
and only those words, again using them only once to form completely new lines.

The Design is simple:

Stanza 1: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4
Stanza 2: 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8
Stanza 3: 9, 9, 10, 10, 11, 12
Stanza 4: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Where the numbers merely indicate lines of verse, of any line-length.

Example Poem

A Paradelle with Ending Rhyme

When looking, a perfect calm descends
When looking, a perfect calm descends
You create a meaningful view with Paradelle tools.
You create a meaningful view with Paradelle tools.
A perfect calm descends looking, when you
create a meaningful view with Paradelle tools.

Upon  using the  form and  by watching fools
Upon  using the  form and  by watching fools
you made a sounding, as start .
you made a sounding, as start .
Upon  using the  form and  by watching fools
you made a sounding, as start.

That  as poetry
That  as poetry
ends quite  well.
ends quite  well.
That  as poetry
ends quite  well.
A perfect calm descends  upon  you
When you create a meaningful view
using the  form  by watching fools
looking, and  sounding,  as made with tools.
That  start as Paradelle
poetry ends quite  well.

© Lawrencealot – April 27, 2012