Diabolo is a poetry form invented by Dennis William Turner, writing on All Poetry as Dennisturner19.

His specifications and an example:

A poem of two, six-line, iambic stanzas.
Each stanza:
Lines 1,2,4 and 5, iambic tetrameter with rhymes at syllables 6 and 8.
Lines 3 and 6, iambic Dimeter with rhymes at syllables 2 and 4.
Rhyme scheme:
(a,b,)(a,b,)(c,d,)(e,f,)(e,f,)(c,d, )
(g,h,)(g,h,)(i,j,)(k,l,)(k,l,)(i,j, )


Man’s instinct was to stay alive;
He fought so that he may survive
And procreate,
But time for fighting should be done
And lasting friendships could be won.
A noble state.

All people should say “No” before
Their leaders choose to go to war.
The shame should cease.
To kill is such a frightful sin;
We must all do the right thing in
The name of peace.

Dennis William Turner, August 2017

My Example

Supremacist [Poetry form: Diabolo]

I hate him cuz he’s not like me,
and we’re a special lot, you see.
we’re white and loud.
As white privilege (without a need,
our culture’s flaw, no doubt, indeed.)
A rightful crowd!

To bully people, black and brown
we threaten them and back them down;
our tool is fear.
Our president equivocates;
thinks screaming is just give and take –
so cool and clear!

Lawrence Eberhart, August 2017

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DENTURN is a poetry form invented by Dennis William Turner, writing on All Poetry as Dennisturner19.

Stanzaic: 2 stanzas of iambic tetrameter
2 stanzas of  trochaic tetrameter
Rhyme pattern: poet’s option.

It is comprised of two IAMBIC, tetrameter quatrains stating a point of view.

This is followed by a stand-alone one, two or three syllable word or phrase. For example: but – unless  – but then – although – until, – however etc., Providing the TURN.

The concluding two quatrains, in TROCHAIC metre, make the argument, (emphasised by the change of metre.) 
SPECIAL NOTE: If two syllables are used at the TURN, then the following line should have ANACRUSIS in order to make the seamless transition between metres.

1. One or more unstressed syllables at the beginning of a line of before the reckoning of the normal meter begins.From <http://www.thefreedictionary.com/anacrusis>

Here is the author’s first example:

Go For It

I’m in a quandary, on the spot:
Now, should I exercise or not?
I’d much prefer to just relax
Instead of pounding running tracks.

The gym is not the place for me;
The sofa is the place to be!
I’d rather browse the Internet
Than run a round and smell of sweat,
It’s true that heart disease is stealthy,
Even when you feel quite healthy.
Maybe running at the double
COULD be worth a little trouble.

My excess will take some shifting,
Maybe I could try weight lifting?
This great book will show me how,
Here’s my chance; I’ll start right now.
Dennis William Turner

My first attempt:

Puppies  Form: Denturn

The puppies chew on furniture,
and eat up books I’ve out on loan,
which now require expenditure
and thus become my very own.

They chew things just to hear them crunch
and chewed up paper lines our hall,
They miss the training pads a bunch
and won’t all come each time I call,
and yet,
I don’t believe I’ll give them up;
Can’t release a single pup
They have taken up my heart –
Dollars aren’t just cause to part!

All of them should outlive me.
(Vets and food and toys aren’t free),
Joy and love and laughter reign –
Puppies make me young again!
Lawrence Eberhart – 7/18/17

Here are comments by Mr Turner:

Although your piece was technically correct, the use of catalectic lines in the Trochaic section gives it the ‘feel’ of acephalous iambic.
The real essence of the Trochaic section is the double-syllable end rhyme. It is this that gives the strong contrast with the first section, (along with the stressed syllable to start the line of course.)
I know that I have used a catalectic ending for my final rhyme, but that was deliberate in order to finish with a stressed syllable for emphasis as in the punchline of a joke. In fact, I’ve used the same ploy on other Denturns that I have written.
I much prefer the strict tempo approach in order to get the full feeling of contrast.
My opinion. What do you think?

WHAT I THINK. Dennis is spot on! Here is my revised poem.

Puppies (Revised) Form: Denturn

The puppies chew on furniture,
and eat up books I’ve out on loan,
which now require expenditure
and thus become my very own.

They chew things just to hear them crunch
and chewed up paper lines our hall,
They miss the training pads a bunch
and won’t all come each time I call,
and yet,
I don’t believe their ever leavin’
Can’t release one puppy even.
They own me now; I’m enchanted.
Planned to sell but I’ve recanted.

They’ll outlive me, so I reckon
We’ll share love ’til angels beckon.
Joy and love and laughter reign –
Puppies make me young again!
Lawrence Eberhart – 7/25/17

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Created by Sarah Rayburn, the novelinee is a 9 line stanza derived from the Spencerian stanza but written in iambic pentameter or decasyllabic lines. If used as part of a sequence a variation of the closing line should be used as lead line for the next stanza. In the case of a closed novelinee the last stanza would end with a variation of the first line of the first stanza.

Stanza Rhyme Scheme: a. b. a. b. c. d. c..d. d.

Betrayal of Trust

From mists of Avalon she came in white 

supernova who split my heart in two 

and left untouched silence in endless night 

no skyward star to guide my passage through. 

While drinking wine I gave my love away 

for whispered promises given out of lust, 

believing hearts could breathe again today 

my dreams now lie amid unwanted dust, 

my heart shattered by betrayals of trust.

Sarah Rayburn

Novelinee Sequence

Sweet nightingale, unparalleled beauty, 

my worldly thoughts will drown in idle words, 

if I did not reflect the love I see, 

and deny love is nought but food for birds. 

I dream my arm is loosely round your waist, 

so I shall hear divinity in your song, 

and dream upon your eyes with loving haste, 

to sip from lips of wine where I belong 

and trust the sweetest breath will keep us strong.

With trust the sweetest breath to keep us strong, 

my jewel of love to whom I grant my heart, 

with words and smiles for days that seem so long, 

so fate has cast the miles to keep apart. 

In crystal vagaries we’re hand in hand, 

whilst waterfalls cascade a rhythmic beat, 

as when we kissed upon the golden sand, 

below the rugged crags in love’s retreat, 

our passion found in nature’s dancing feet. 

When passion’s found in nature’s dancing feet, 

above the greenest valleys, smile Black hills, 

with fragrant flowers dazzling eyes shall meet, 

where dragonflies commingle by the rills. 

Your heart in truth a loving paradise, 

where feelings flow and openly confess, 

in daring glances tempting looks of ice, 

for you, my love, are more than words express, 

I can’t resist your spell of loveliness. 

Sarah Rayburn

Motherland ~~~ Closed Novelinee

Across the bay where beauty waits for me,

beneath the sun-kissed mountain waterfalls,

enchanting eyes shall tame the wild and free,

my heart is bound by love as Cymru calls.

The cloudy blue of railway smoke dissolved

against the ageing roofing slates of old,

attractions mined before our time evolved,

and children chalked their words in letters bold,

when mountain streams still flowed with yellow gold.

The mountain streams that flowed with yellow gold,

and wrought the wedding bands of royal kings,

still whisper love and tales the bards oft told,

and magic echoes o’er the valleys and springs.

The land where dragons roam and wizards dwell,

where singing voices set our fathers free,

returning home my heart begins to swell,

rejoice my pride in Wales, her mystery,

across the bay her beauty stood by me. 

Sarah Rayburn

Pasted from http://thepoetsgarret.com/2009Challenge/form19.html

My thanks to Sarah Rayburn at thepoetsgarret

My Example

Electric Earth (Novelinee)

This century, the twenty-first, will change

forever attitudes that humans share.

Relationships shall surely rearrange

for we’ll have energy at last, to spare.

Our batteries will be charged by the sun

and oilfield ownership won’t mean a hoot.

The politics of greed shall come undone.

We’ll find some other reason for dispute,

but gone will be our reason to pollute.

© Lawrencealot – February 25, 2015

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Magic 9

Magic 9

Typing too fast is often the cause of spellimg mistakes and one day Abracadabra was typed as a b a c a d a b a and right away a poetry form appeared. As can be seen its simply a progression around the first line and with lines 2 and 8 rhyming with each other also. Here is an example.


Shalt not thy deprave the spell of love 
enchanted words that melts the heart 
that cast thy spells deep within thereof 
within a mystical aura of spiritual magic 
that only lovers become reminiscent of 
powers of the occult shall be of sorcery 
percieved from insight of spirits above 
inspiration within shall not ever depart 
when a bewitched spell is as worthy of

Divena Collins

Pasted from http://www.thepoetsgarret.com/2014Challenge/form11.html
My thanks to Divena Collins of thepoetsgarret.

Magic 9 Specifications restated:

A poetry form created by Divena Collins. It is:
A 9 line poem
Line-length and metrics at the discretion of the poet
Rhyme pattern: abacadaba

My example

Take This Job and Bag It (Magic 9)

Take This Job

I took a job, I was a stoop!
My college costs I had to pay.
I had to catch elephant poop
at the in-town animal show.
I used a sack upon a hoop;
if I missed a load, woe was me
I had to clean it with a scoop.
I’d never want to fall behind,
there weren’t just two, there was a troop.

© Lawrencealot – February 20, 2015

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Magic 9

Enclosed Triplet

The Enclosed triplet is a very interesting form and if the a.b.a..b.c.b. format is used it forms the basis for the Sicilian Triplet , Terza Rima, using the enclosed word as continuity, or where lines or words are repeated there is the Villanelle, or later the Terzanelle.
The alternative left with is to have the centre unrelated completely as shown below


How would we know if our feelings are low 
So low that teardrops stain porcelain faces 
When faces are painted a warm loving glow 

Which glows through when a lover embraces 
If his embraces are few how may we know 
Shall love flow when a tender heart races. 

How can it be when true love hurts so much 
So much it can break in two loving hearts 
When hearts may respond to a sensual touch. 

For touch prevents them from falling apart 
Playing a part of true lovers games as such 
To stop love from hurting is a work of art. 

It could be that love came much too late 
That it was never to be for you and me 
For the love we had then was our fate. 

Divena Collins

Pasted from http://www.thepoetsgarret.com/2012Challenge/form1.html
My thanks to Divena Collins of thepoetsgarret.

My example

Abhorrent ( Enclosed Triplet)

Some words I think I must abhor
for they are words I seldom use
but now I’ll try to use them more.

Like pardon, when I mean excuse
me madam, will you move your ass?
Or, loose by people who mean lose.

Correcting them, when done with class,
requires that I must bite my tongue;
when poets do it, it’s most crass.

© Lawrencealot – February 18, 2015

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Enclosed Triplet


Indian Verse

Ovi is commonly known as 12th century folk-songs of the Maranthi Region of India which expressed love, social irony and heroic events.
Tukaram, a 17th Century Maranthi Poet wrote:
Because I could not lie
I named my dog “God”.
Startled at first,
Soon he was smiling
Then dancing!
Now he won’t even bite.
Do you suppose this might work 
On people, too?
The Ovi is:
• stanzaic, written in any number of 4 line stanzas.
• syllabic, 8-8-8-(less than 8 ) syllables
• rhymed, with L1, L2, L3 mono-rhymed L4 unrhymed. aaax, x being unrhymed.

Roly Poly by Judi Van Gorder

The big toothed tot with golden hair
picked up a bug on Sister’s dare, 
it rolled into a ball right there 
and won her springtime heart.

Pasted from http://www.poetrymagnumopus.com/index.php?showtopic=1211
My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

My example

Truckers life

Trucker’s Life (Ovi)

Poppa longed for the open road
not just because the bank was owed;
always contented when he rode,
he had a land to see.

There is no state that he’d not seen!
East-coast to west, and in between,
here’s nothing like that rolling scene
to make one ‘preciate.

The Pennsylvania rolling hills,
the Gary Indiana mills,
the Alcan Highway winter thrills
all were a joy to see.

He loved Montana’s open sky
and Kansas when the corn was high
the Rockies when the roads are dry,
and then he met my mom.

He needs time with his wife and son
so now his gallivanting’s done
but our vacations sure are fun,
he knows just where to go!

© Lawrencealot – February 15, 2015

Visual template

This one for a stanza with a 6 syllable short line.



Spanish Poetry
The Folía is a nonsensical or a ridiculous poem, originating in 16th century Spain, probably influenced by a Portuguese dance song. 

The Folía is:
• stanzaic, written in any # of quatrains.
• syllabic, 8 syllables lines or shorter.
• rhymed, rhyme scheme abab cdcd etc.
• ridiculous or nonsensical.

Silly Willy by Judi Van gorder

In old 16th century Spain
when poets felt a bit silly
they’d dance circles round in the rain
and write rhymed verse willy nilly.

Pasted from http://www.poetrymagnumopus.com/index.php?showtopic=1025#folia
My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

My example

Bump and Grind (Folía)

A kangaroo on roller skates
and polar bear on skis
were clumsy when they went on dates
excuse them if you please.

© Lawrencealot – February 11, 2015

Ocarina – Rhymed

I have no idea who created this form. Thanks to Sara Gosa of Allpoetry.com for bringing it to my attention.
I can only tell you that it was published in the January 25, 1912 edition of New Age, and was written by Author Tulloch Cull.

To Anna Pavlova (Ocarina)
(In her dance “Le Cygne ” Musique de Saint-Saëns.)
There came to me a vision of sweet song
Borne faintly forward on melodious streams,
A white Chimaera such as stirs the dreams
Of men, who sleep in solitudes and long
To people the dead wastes with strange desire
And breathe between the lips of ancient Death
Stretched mummified in deserts that new breath
That should revive them with its living fire.
White was the vision, white as fiercest fire
And paler far its face than pallid Death,
Begotten of that brood, the Swan’s desire
Raised from frail Leda with its hissing breath.
And as it came its superhuman song
Sang of all those, whom wide relentless streams
Divide from their beloved, towards whom they long,
But whom they ne’er may clasp except in dreams.
They strain to one another in their dreams
But never hear their lovers’ silent song
Pass spectrelike with gliding feet along
The halls of Sleep to Lethe’s stealthy streams
Till conies Old Age, a fouler foe than Death,
To mar the house of their divine desire
And smother with white ashes their young fire
Stifling their bodies’ perfumes with his breath.
Who of us mortals with ephemeral breath
That saw the vision, did not straight desire
To pass from perfect happiness to death
A holocaust of joy within the fire beneath
That from your cloudlike eyelids streams.
Having for elegy your supreme song
I would have died your death and passed to dreams
On that white breast, for which I longed so long.
Half goddess and half swan, you seemed to long
With yearning eyes for those immortal dreams
Of far Olympus, where Peneus streams
Through Tempe’s hallowed vale. Yet in the song
Of feet and face and form I saw the fire
Of love for men, whose evanescent breath
Lends charm to wayward pleasures, watched by Death,
Who casts a glamour on short-lived desire.
All mortal sufferings and vain desire
Wept from your eyes and shook your tortured breath.
Yea, goddess though you were, the immortal fire
That shone from your white shape grew dim as Death.
I questioned of your Sorrow-Did you long
For Youth’s brief summer passed in rhythmic dreams
By winding ways of water, where the song
Of many birds mixed with the murmuring streams?
But though no answer pierced the plash of streams
Your arms that wavered swan-like seemed to long
And beckon for some mystery, which song
Might not reveal lying hid beyond our dreams.
Was it eternal youth, that your last breath
Invoked with prayers so passionate, that fire
Rekindled in those eyes, whose last desire
Was unto life, till clanked the feet of Death?
For as you felt the drear approach of Death,
Your limbs relaxed and from your eyes the fire
Fled fainting forth : You drew one sobbing breath
That shook your shuddering wings, and your desire
Quailed before Death : Your hair, where darkness dreams,
Where Moon and Stars hold festival along
With queenly Night, fell forward in dark streams
About your face, and silenced was your song.
Anna, my dreams find voice within the song
That from the fire of your sweet footsteps streams.
Though dreams and breath and song may pass along
Death’s ways, yet my desire defieth Death.
Author Notes
This poem appears in the January 25, 1912 edition of New Age. Found at library.brown .edu

Pasted from http://allpoetry.com/poem/11882810-To-Anna-Pavlova–Ocarina–by-A.-Tulloch-Cull

The Ocarina – Rhymed
A sestina discipline using 8 lines per verse and a 4 line enjoy for a 68 line poem

MUST be used to write a rhyming poem.
Its structure schematic is
With the envoy:
I corrected the occurrence of the words to create complete rhyme which the sample poem did not possess.
31 / 28 / 74 / 65Giving couplet internal rhyme and alternating end-rhyme

Rhyme scheme: Alternating envelope and alternate rhyme.
Rhyme pattern: 
1st abbacddc
2nd cdcdabab
3rd baabdccd
4th dcdcbaba
5th abbacddc
6th cdcdabab
7th baabdccd
8th dcdcbaba


Related forms: Bina, Canzone, Decrina, Newman Sestina, OcarinaOcarina – RhymedQuartina, Quintina, Sestina, Sestina – RhymedSidney’s Double Sestina, Tritina 

My Example

Christians for Breakfast (Ocarinai – Rhymed)

When people meet for breakfast just to pray
you know already they’ve a certain mind
a homogeneous group (all of one kind)
with similar beliefs upon display.
While all may not attend with spirit pure,
proclaiming Christ as lord still seems the rule.
Electorate they think they have to fool;
avowing unity makes men secure

I do not need to pray to be secure
I need a leader capable to rule.
He must embrace the tainted and the pure
and not in public act like such a fool.
The fact that all denominations pray
and deem they’re right, brings logic to my mind.
Is faith a no-lose place in which to play?
I denigrate them not, but I’m just kind.

I tolerate religions that are kind
and ask for things of goodness when they pray
but not those bringing evil into play
It’s dominance of others that I mind.
It’s easy to endorse the golden rule
and teaching benefits of staying pure
but Islam’s aim is clearly to secure
a dominance envisioned by a fool.

Now president Barrack has played the fool.
In race nor religion is Barry pure
so he had attributes to let him rule
as mediator making folks secure,
instead he’s pumped up strife in people’s mind.
Attacking Christians who came here to pray
for focusing on Moslems who aren’t kind-
revenge for the crusades is just fair play

By bringing those crusades now into play
(which were the Churches own response in kind)
to suppression of Christian life and mind
The Christians found it did no good to pray.
Nor will it ever. Men to be secure
must charge with force against the raging fool
who deems a pretend Caliphate must rule,
and fantasizes gift of virgins pure.

When extant spirituality’s pure,
one needs no fables fostered by a fool.
Connection to something makes one secure,
requiring no support from dogma’s rule.
A church is often but a place to play
at being good, where one can get a kind
of forgiveness for oft becoming prey
to urges which slip unbidden into mind

I don’t need dogma policing my mind
I know what’s right in thought and work and play,
and to know that, I never had to pray.
I really doubt that dogma makes one kind.
One’s character makes him a prince or fool.
Without a heaven I feel quite secure,
and fearing hell does not keep people pure
Dispense with dogma, let your conscious rule

The Koran preaches violence as the rule
all power to the Imam to secure
Though raised in Islam, Barry thought he’d fool
the public spouting eloquence and pure
nonsense about a change of different kind
none thought he’d bring religion into play.
Does evil infiltration come to mind?
‘Twould not be bad if all he did was pray

I did not mind the breakfast meet to pray;
‘Twas less than kind to put such hate in play
He fosters pure dissent, the bloody fool
Men will secure themselves from Islam rule.

© Lawrencealot – February 9, 2015


Toddaid, todd-eyed is the 19th codified Welsh meter, an Awdl, and an uneven couplet often written in combination with other meters especially the 9 syllable couplet, cyhydedd hir.

The is:
• stanzac, written in any number of couplets.
• syllabic, L1 is a 10 syllable line and L2 is a 9 syllable line.
• rhymed, the main rhyme aa – cc – dd etc.
• composed with gair cyrch* following the main rhyme and caesura of L1. The gair cyrch end rhyme is echoed in the first half of L2 in secondary rhyme, assonance or consonance.
• sometimes written in a shortened version of 16 syllables, L1 is 10 syllables and L2 is only 6 syllables which is called a toddaid byr.
toddaid couplets

x x x x x x x A – x b
x x x x b x x x A
x x x x x x x C – x d
x x x d x x x x c

a toddaid byr
x x x x x x x A x b
x x x b x A

Nit digeryd Duw, neut digarat—kyrd
Neut lliw gwyrd y vyrd o veird yn rat;
Neut lliaws vrwyn kwyn knawlat— yghystud
O’th attall Ruffudd gwaywrud rodyat.
Einion 15th century

Shere Kahn by Judi Van Gorder

The young calico keeping cool – eases
slow as she pleases upon the stool .
Her Bengal bones live nine lives – daring dogs,
chasing frogs, tiger dreams, kitten thrives.

Pasted from http://www.poetrymagnumopus.com/index.php?showtopic=969

*gair cyrch, appears as a tail or an addemendum to a line; it is the last few syllables of a 10 syllable line that follow the placement of the main rhyme of the stanza marked by caesura. When the main rhyme of the stanza appears within the body in the last half of a 10 syllable line the syllables following that main rhyme and caesura is the gair cyrch. eg x x x x x x A – x x x, it could also appear as x x x x x x x A – x B, the “A” being the main rhyme which is echoed as end rhyme throughout the stanza and the “B” being a secondary rhyme. The secondary rhyme is usually echoed in the early to mid part of the next line. The caesura following the main rhyme is often a dash -.

My thanks to Judi Van Gorder for years of work on this fine PMO resource.

My example


Embellished (Toddaid)

She wore a steampunk hat and bra – and shoes
She couldn’t lose; she was held in awe.
She was cocooned in metal ware – of course.
a visual force men would touch with care.

© Lawrencealot – February 2, 2015

Visual template


Tina’s Zigzag Rhyme

Tina’s Zigzag Rhyme is a form created by Christina R Jussaume on September 21, 2009.
It starts with a sestet, refrain, quatrain, refrain and quatrain.
It must be uplifting subject.
Rhyme in first two lines is at left,
next rhyme is center in lines 3 and 4,
and rhyme in lines 5 and 6 is an end rhyme.
Refrain is first two lines of poem.

After refrain you use center rhyme, then end rhyme, continue with refrain… etc.
It is an 8 syllable per line poem. No limit to stanzas but must have, at least one sestet, refrain, and quatrain.

Copied from http://the.a.b.c.of.poetry.styles.patthepoet.com/T2Z.html
My Thanks to Christina R Jussaume for her work on PoetryStyles site.

My example

Now is a Present (Tina’s ZigZag Rhyme)

Behold! It’s clear that I can think.
I’m sold that men are so imbued.
There is no need for fairy tales
or a dogma’s creed to comfort.
I think that if you think you’ll see
that things are just as they should be.

Behold! It’s clear that I can think.
I’m sold that men are so imbued.

All of us should enjoy right now
seeking what is good in others.
Happiness is an attitude
that worry’s likely to exclude.

© Lawrencealot – February 1, 2015

Visual template

Tinas ZigZag Rhyne