Ottava Anna

This is an OTTAVA ANNA Form
Invented by Carol Anne Gordon, aka Mystictarusritr on

Derived from Ottava Rima form

Written in pentameter, frequently iambic.

internal and end-rhyme schemes.
Internal rhyme is on syllable 4 or 5 each line.
External rhyme is on syllable 10 each line.

There is to be a Volta line 4 or 5 or…
Internal ~ abbaaccb
External ~ deeddffe

The rhyme scheme may be turned inside out if you like

Internal ~  deeddffe
External ~  abbaaccb

Example Poem

Pit  Stop

Assistance desired- the girl did perceive
a hunk with the quick good looks she did seek
pumping gas.  Her trick had worked once last week.
Promptly she inquired “What do you believe
has this time transpired that you can relieve?”
The hunk turned away, and started to grieve.
You see he was gay, and hoped to leave soon.
He saw the oil slick- third head pulled this week.

© Lawrencealot – June 2, 2012

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