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Absent-Minded Gremlin
Angus MacTarr
Another Dream
Antiquity Blues
Baking Day
Bald Truth, The
Ball, The
Bird That Flew in Ever Diminishing Circles, The
Bits And Pieces
Christmas Wish, A
Computer, The
Contemplating My Navel
Cooking With Wine
Country Music
Dancer, The
Dare-Devil George
Fisherman's Tale, A
Fly and I, The
Food for Thought
Food Junkies
Fundamental Lament, A
Gift, The
Glass of Water, A
Happy Landing
Knotty Problem, A
Love Hurts
Many Lives Of Currant Man, The
Mary's Lamb
Miss Prim
Nature's Voice
Ned (The Budgerigar)
Nightmare On The Mountain
Old Lady Who Lived in a Tree, The
Party Piece
People Eaters
Recalcitrant Fingers
Ring Of Confidence
Rocking Chairs
Roller Coaster
Round, Flat and Hard
Screw Loose, A
Talk Of the Devil
Tasty Music
That's Life
To the Manager
Two's A Crowd
Washing Machine, The
Wine Sipper, The
Water Music
Wise Old Fred
Writer, The
Writer's Block
Young Tom

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