I thought my Muse had up and died,
	for months I racked my brain and tried
To write a poem telling you
	what "lonely" is and what to do.
But my Muse at last repented,
	stopped my mental block, relented,
And allowed my mind to say
	my thoughts in rhyme and rhythm today.

	††† * * * * *

"Lonely" is a state of mind,
	a deep dark hole in which you find
Yourself depressed and sorry too
	for things you can no longer do.
No friends nearby to come and chat
	and reminisce of this and that.
And all your relatives you find
	have their own problems on their mind.

And so youíre left with nought to do
	but sit and think and feel quite blue,
Become depressed and think of ways
	to end these sad and lonely days.
Now I was there and wish to tell
	a way to beat that awful spell,
For with a little help I found
	depression can be turned around.

The internet led to an end
	that first I failed to comprehend.
It led me on to things you see
	depressed depression out of me.
I found that surfing was a way
	to spend a long and dreary day
Instead of sitting sad and blue
	just waiting till the day was through.

Then I found RAP, a poetís site
	and read their poetry every night. 
I offered my poetic view,
	which made me feel no longer blue.
But free style seemed to me to be
	the only thing thatís there to see.
But when the site with filth was set
	I left the site with no regret.

Then e-mail complimenting me
	on my attempts at poetry
From people that I never knew
	gave me encouragement, itís true. 		
I met more friends on my machine
	and though theyíre ones Iíve never seen,
To join in fellow poets' fun,
	brought joy and peace when day was done.

Of course I still will surf the net,
	make e-mail friends Iíve not yet met, 
But now enjoyment fills my days
	and leaves me blessed in many ways.
For I have friends Iíll never see
	who bring me joy with poetry.
I also have the feeling they
	are not the kind for just today.

So now you know what you can do
	when feeling youíre despondent too,
Let rhyme and rhythm solve your plight,
	then join right in with all your might.
If writing verse is not your style,
	it still can leave you with a smile
And from depression set you free.
	For this is what happened to me.



© 1996-1999 Ray E. Gessler
Brought to you by Poets Collective