Canine Tributes
by Don Tidwell


Beware of Dog
Epitaph for a Duke
Le Beaux


			Beware of Dog, the placard said,
			Attached there to the fence.
			To see the dog was proof to me,
			The placard made no sense.

			He must have stood eight inches tall
			From padded paw to shoulder,
			And from the way he moved about,
			Methesuleh was no older.

			His hair was soft and kinky brown;
			His eyes deep set -- imploring --
			His stubby tail wagged back and forth,
			As though the sign deploring.

			He'd lick the hand of those who'd stop
			To scratch a silky ear
			As if to say "Heed not the sign --
			There's nothing here to fear."

			I tell you, folks, there's one thing sure,
			If that old dog were mine,
			I'd feed him "A" grade Alpo,
			And I'd burn that silly sign.

EPITAPH FOR A DUKE Duke lies at peace beneath the rose; his journey here complete. A valiant playmate 'til the end, his spirit ever sweet. His manner gruff and brusque at times, but that's the way Labs are ... He'd fetch the stick or tennis ball if thrown clear to a star. His feet were big, he slobbered some, and lumbered when he walked, but eyes and ears would let you know he heard you when you talked. We called him "Duke," a regal name, coined from a royal string ... We didn't go quite high enough. He should have been a King!!

LEBEAUX A wise man said in times long past, a dog was man's best friend. He never said t'would break your heart to have this friendship end. Yet nature, in her wisdom deemed in time, all things must go. This fact of life hit home today ... We lost our dear LeBeaux. He spent his entire life with us ... We got him as a pup. His antics gave us many laughs while he was growing up. He romped the yard with Stokey, and chased the oft thrown ball. He posed for family pictures, and behaved well through it all. We learned to love him dearly in the time that he was here, and he seemed to be more precious with the passing of each year. We all will miss him greatly, though the grief must finally go. We will always have fond memories when we think of our LeBeaux. To the list of those before him we will add his honored name ... He has qualified -- full cycle -- for our family hall of fame. *ROWDY *REGGIE *FRITZ *LIZA *STOKEY *TIGER *DUKE *LeBEAUX*


© Don Tidwell 1953-2003

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