br>by Don Tidwell

Lincoln Elementary School
The Sit and Knit and Chat Club


See the kids at recess playing marbles on the ground
See Collin smoke a Lucky while the teachers’ not around.
Hear the sixth grade orchestra destroy a simple tune
And know it is a darn long time ‘til school lets out in June.

Write upon the blackboard, the sum of eight and ten.
Get it wrong and then go back and add it up again.
Practice cursive penmanship and fill the entire page;
Snip a lock of Erma’s hair and perpetrate a rage.

Fire a well aimed spitball and hit Perry in the eye.
Take retaliation well, and never ever cry.
Let your classmates know that you’re the smartest kid in school;
And when you get in trouble, just invoke the golden rule.

Make a lacy snowflake when the snow begins to fall.
Bring your class a treat from home and have enough for all.
Try out for the glee club and sing out loud and strong;
(But if your voice don’t fill the bill, you wont be there for long.)

Tell your Mom when you’ve been bad and teacher sends you home,
That all you did was pass around a ‘stupid teacher’ poem.
Bravely grin and bear it and know that by and by
You’ll make it out of grade school, and can go to Junior High!

		10 March 1998

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MEMORIES I remember Ludwigsburg In far off Germany, And Stuttgart Post and "The Graf" Hotel All jog my memory. I remember furniture And silver, drapes and dishes; And Quartermaster's great despair With Mrs.Eddy's wishes !! I remember tennis courts, And bowling lanes and horseplay. I remember challenges, That came with every new day. I remember friendships That survived the test of years... And alas, the loss of once close friends, Whose passings fostered tears. I remember people, But see faces I can't name.... Time does strange things to your memory At this late stage of the game. We do remember Ben and Jean With pleasure full and true. We're happy with their happiness In the work Ben chose to do. We applaud their anniversary And with sentiment galore, Offer our congratulations, And say "Go for Forty More"!!

THE SIT AND KNIT AND CHAT CLUB Back in the early Forties A group of local girls, Bemoaned the fact that World War II Had come into their worlds. This made them kinda sad.. And to relieve this wartime drub, They got their heads together, And they organized a club. They've clung together faithfully For more than fifty years With scheduled month-end meetings Filled with talk, and sometimes, tears. It's sad that in this course of time Some member's lives would end, Though each would be remembered As a dear departed friend. Though passing time has left its mark On each now graying head, (And all must listen carefully to hear what's being said,) They still enjoy the chit-chat And the jokes they bring to tell, And the needlework and other crafts At which they do so well. And now, with families fully grown, They think back on those days, And wonder how their club survived When all, in separate ways, Have lived their lives where pathways led, Some staying, some to roam, Yet all returning faithfully To that dear club back home.

MOTHER Strong images of Mother keep running through my mind, each vying for a foremost spot, lest it be left behind. They really should not worry. My thoughts embrace them all; I have a lifetime full of them, all subject to recall. Her garden spot--her butter churn, the checkered quilts she made, the fresh baked bread and blue plum jam which were her stock in trade. Those frigid winter mornings when she rose to light the fire; Her beautiful soprano voice--- a standout in the choir. Devotion to her her beliefs, her creed. Her willingness to lend a hand to anyone in need. Her faith in her beloved church, in which she labored long, unwavering through thick and thin, and glorified in song. The serious demeanor which could never quite disguise the humor in her make-up...the sparkle in her eyes. The courage in her stature when she faced adversity inspired the same in others, and was there for all to see. Ah yes, these vivid images engraved upon my mind are but a few examples of the strength of womankind, epitomized by Mother, and I'm mighty proud to say I salute mine, and all mothers, on this special Mothers Day. 1993


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