On Music
Light Verse by Don Tidwell

Heed Thee Well Oh Knave of Noise
My Lowrey


The mighty organ thundered
in a symphony of noise,
the audience held spellbound
by the organmaster's poise.

His fingers moved efficiently
with firmness on the keys,
creating great crescendos
with apparent joy and ease.

The music on his manuscript
would awe most mortal men.
Notes stacked high upon the staff
to sound and sound again.

Repeated phrases filled the air
in never ending line,
the last with sameness of the first,
through skillful intertwine.

The elite baroque composer
whose music filled that page,
possessed an inborn talent
unsurpassed in any age.

At midpoint in the concert,
I arose and took a walk!
I can't abide the music
of Johann Sebastian Bach!!

HEED THEE WELL OH KNAVE OF NOISE Thy foul taste in music The ear doth abuse, Please grant us relief sir, we prithee; Enjoy if thee must sir, This chaos of sounds But why must thee take us all with thee?? Thy perpetual gong show Is driving us goo goo, Thy rock and thy roll and thy clatter; Methinks shoulds't thou cease not We'll fair be inclined, To serve up thy head on a platter!! Thine infernal noise box For maids of the court, Createth much wailing and anguish... 'Tis rumored the kingdom Is being beseeched To bind thee in chains, there to languish! If thee wished to please us, sir, With sounds from thy box, Thee'd amplify Wagner or Mozart, Instead of the sounds So completely distasteful Which come from the choosings on your part! And so Knave of Noise Ye have been fairly warned.... Thine options made perfectly clear, sir: Turn thy radio down. Chase thyself out of town. Or we'll amputate both of thine ears....sir!!

MY LOWREY I have a Lowrey Organ Which is my pride and joy Though there are those who view it As a big expensive toy. I keep it in the living room Against an inner wall, Where it stands in all its grandeur, In perfect view of all. It occupies my leisure time, I hold it in esteem -- It does its share to help fulfill A cherished childhood dream! I keep it shined and polished And it breaks my heart to say it, But I know I'll like it twice as much, If I ever learn to play it!!!


© Don Tidwell, 1953-2003

Brought to you by Poets Collective