The Inaugural Ball

US President-elect George W. Bush (R) and his wife, Laura. January 20, 2001 (Photo credit RICK WILKING/AFP/Getty Images)

A rare glimpse of Bubba on the social scene.

Since Dub-ya's election I've scoured through my mail.
I just figgered since, we'z in cahoots,
That gilt invitation would come without fail
To the party called "Black Tie and Boots".

It never appeared so it musta got lost,
Though I looked through my mail every day.
I guess once again Dub-ya's signals got crossed,
But, to please him, I'll go anyway.

I polished my boots and then went to the store
'Cause a black tie I never have had.
They sold me a nice one (it made my neck sore)
But I'ze bound to be nattily clad.

I packed up my grip and struck off for D. C.
In my truck with my hat and my dawg.
And thought "Oh, won't Dub-ya be thrilled to see me,"
"When I show up to help him 'inaug'".

I found me a motel to shower and shave,
Then I donned all those slick duds I'd brought.
I hoped all those nabobs knew how to behave
'Cause they won't be the first ones I've fought.

I fin'lly got parked where the shindig was at
And was makin' my way through the door,
When some guy in uniform grabbed at my hat.
Now there's fisticuffs loomin', fer shore.

Won't quote what I told him, not even a word,
But the uniformed thug did declare:
"Though 'Black Tie and Boots' may be what you have heard"
"That's not all you're expected to wear."

                           Bob Badger, 2001