A Benediction

When tomorrow shines upon you as it will,
be the light not blinding to your eye;
may it guide you on through heartache,
through your tears, the heartbreak of your dreams,
your secret themes.

When tomorrow finds you trying, may it smile
on your efforts whether win or lose;
may you find the win and losing
builds your faith in choosing all the more,
all that’s in store.

As we leave each other now let’s say a prayer
that tomorrow we may try again;
let us pray tomorrow’s light
will lift us through the dark of night to see
who we might be.

May the path you leave behind you
lead you onward and remind you of
the ways of love.



© 2016 Charlie Rankin

Image: Oil on wood, Museo Diocesano (Genoa) “Benediction of God the Father” by Luca Cambiaso, circa 1565
(Public Domain) Source