a small house


i want a small house
with a fireplace and a deck
the yard should be
enclosed and the door
in easy reach for the dogs
i think the kitchen needs
to have a large centered
butcher block with
storage drawers and a
rack for my good knives
don’t put too many
bedrooms in
i don’t want everyone
we know visiting all
at once
make our bedroom
large and comfy with
a lounge chair and
reading table with one
of those long low lamps
on a stand
i’d like a big bathroom
with a shower we can
just walk into
please never make
me step over the side
of a tub again
and put a window on
a bathroom wall that
is where it can stay
open in the spring
when we shower
put the computer in
its own room – call it
the office if you like
we could use mother’s
bedroom suite to make
the kids a place to be
comfortable once in awhile
our chairs and the sofa
should match – that
would be good but if
we don’t get around to it
so what

© Toni Christman

Public Domain Photo