All Is as It Appears


We each and all perceive and only see
our own conceptions of reality.
Sometimes it seems that two or more agree.
In truth no mind has the ability
to grasp another’s rationality.

I am convinced that what I know is true.
A like conviction may exist in you.
But each of us may differently construe
the facts which prove to us the things they do.
The truth appears to be a point of view!

The sense of things in one beholder’s eye
is truth on which that person will rely –
which someone else may ardently deny.
Existence as it seems goes strolling by
and proves to someone’s mind that pigs can fly!


© Benjamin G. Mosley, 2016

Public Domain Photo

Author’s Note:

Henri Poincaré postulated that the laws believed to govern matter were created solely by the minds that “understood” them and that no theory could be considered “true”:
“The things themselves are not what science can reach…, but only the relations between things. Outside of these relations there is no knowable reality.”