A Ballad of Mystic Memories

I’m sure I rode a camel’s back
Along that old Silk Road
The scent of sand stirs memory
Of time those years ago

From there it seems I was reborn
To distant scenes of past
That wake in dreams throughout the night
And visions unsurpassed

I think I was a Viking’s mate
Who sailed Icelandic seas
So many places of intrigue
And untold mysteries

All lie within that extra sense
That’s triggered without cause
And yet I’m made aware somehow
To passing life in pause …

I’m sure I lived a gypsy’s life
Their music moves me so
And camping in the open air
Where nature shares her show

And when I walk the Trail of Tears
I sense I’ve been there too
I hear their chants within my head
And feel what they went through

A field of cotton stirs my mind
To how I must have felt
In searing heat, while fearing man
In southern bible belt.

I feel I’ve lived a thousand lives
I’ll never prove as fact
Unless you too made note of same
And like to share abstract

So oft these mystic memories
Come ‘round to wake my mind
And ghost into my present self
As life in passing time … …


© 2017 Joy A. Burki-Watson

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