Be It

North Coast of Egypt photo by Essama Chiba
North Coast of Egypt
photo by Essama Chiba

I breathe deeply inhaling
the blowing sea breeze,
smelling the pleasant scent
of fresh air carried by the wind.

Watching the smooth waves
caressing the shore
with a loving touch,
the golden sun setting in glory
disappearing out of sight
into the deep ocean.

Let it be my final breath
departing with rising tides
immigrating with seagulls
on a sacred quest
forsaking illusions.

Letting go of unbearable strains
of all the chains
that caged my soul,
finding freedom
unveiling concealed barriers
between me and my Beloved.

Awakening the spirit
coming into existence
of awareness
the truth of Be
So Be It.


© 2017 Essama Chiba