Blur of Fur

A blur of fur, it scurries quickly but
I hear a meeo-ow, tender, loving, warm.
Only, yesterday her eyes, they shimmered sapphire.
Now flecks of gold in pools of jade, they glint.

To touch her is to feel velour as she
Caresses woolly fur across my face.
Low purrs, a bantam motor, gamma waves.
A shiny ebony statue, black sphinx.

With magic tinted whiskers, tilts her head.
A bounce and paws all four on top of me.
A moist and icy button brushes past she
Exposes pearly arrows with a yawn.

The hollowed pyramids, they always shift
They twist for surround sound, twist to be
Alert and quick; she prowls. So curious, life enchants
A glorious game for a blur of soft fur.


© 2017 Karo Ska (poem and photo)