Breakups and Horses

Photo cc-by Jimmy McIntyre, Flickr

What once were sunsets hand in hand,
A charge the tongues of love songs fanned,
In time grew thorns as stems demand,
And leaves bled green;
Though tears have watered where I stand
No sprouts are seen.

Of friends some stand their measure met,
Some scrape with heel their social debt,
Though most tongues click a rote regret;
A well known prayer.
A painful past should fade and yet,
It’s there I stare.

I wallow while my candle burns
As Time’s advancing surface turns,
And liquor floods my ex’s urns
Till each abates.
The world resumes, and loss adjourns,
Love always waits.

© 2023 William Keller
Photo cc-by Jimmy McIntyre, Flickr