Carpe Diem (with audio)



So, faithful beating heart, this is it.
You’re showing me to the exit… the party’s over so soon?
The clock is ticking slowly, but the alarm is set
I was counted in and now to be counted out
Well, here comes that movie reel of memories they all talked about

Nobody planned this; I got here by chance
Might never have made it at all
A meeting of parents and theirs, back to the beginning of time
I just wonder what they were all like…
Just lucky they all met

There was no great guidance for me
There was always a path of total freedom
Any path I wanted was there for me to try
Now I’m glad it was that way

And I took it, took so many jobs, travels, girlfriends, ideas…
Where the heck did I think I was going?
I used to look up and ask the skies, to resounding silence
Then I saw it was okay. It was all okay. I was me, being me
Living my life, relating to the world that is

Looking backwards I saw something
Fuzzy at first, and then in focus
I saw I was standing on the shoulders of a thousand generations
Of thinkers, poets, philosophers, scientists – and every kind of person

Did it really matter if I knew the truth about all the deeper questions?
Not to others maybe, but to me. So why not seek it out? And I did
I thought: If you know where you stand, you’ll know where you’re going

Well I found out enough
Found out that dreaming doesn’t make it real, but love is beautiful
Which one should I have married?
I made my choices…
Life is full of beauty when you know how to find it

The hellish times though…? I wish I could have avoided those
Hacked and burned, like a boat carved out for a journey.
I was alone quite often.

‘Footprints in the sand?’… No, no thanks.
I found some real kindred spirits though
Good pals, real lovers. I gave them all I had
I’m dying and it’s totally as it should be.

Dylan you were wrong
I needn’t ‘rage, rage against the dying of the light’
Clock on the wall is fading fast…
and the one inside is ringing like the clappers… Hey…
If you didn’t get my message…
I just wanted to tell you…one last thing…

The secret of LIFE…
The secret to ALL of life is to………..
is to…………


© Robert Lindsay, 2015

Public Domain Photo

Author’s Note

I once heard an audio poem where the author depicted his dying thoughts. I thought it was very well done and an interesting way to look over the story of a life. So here I tried it for myself.

I’m NOT dying and I’m usually very happy with my lot. In fact though the whole idea of dying IS a poignant thought. You’d probably find this paradox out for yourself if you tried writing your own last words.