A Cosmos of Darkness and Light

There once was a boy who could dream a lost world
and manage to reach it at times;
his mind was a plaything, it swanned and it swirled
in realms he imagined and thoughts he unfurled
of heroes but also of crimes.

There once was a man who remembered it all
with much he would beg to forget:
the statements, the lies, the oft brazen gall
conceived of in pride but which soon spread a pall;
behavior he came to regret.

There once was a corpse with no thoughts to embrace,
no dreams and no memories, no lies;
whatever the spirit, now flown without trace
of heaven or hell, came to dwell in the grace
which only from death could arise.

There once was a world set with promise sublime
which lived by the natural laws
but found itself bullied and badgered in time,
yet sung its most sacred and unending rhyme
in spite of its human born flaws.

There once was a cosmos of darkness and light
which sprang from the Great Nevermind
to be of itself with no wrong and no right,
no matter how boundless not fail to unite
all things and ideas intertwined.


© 2017 Charlie Rankin

Public Domain Photo