Deep Blue Reverie


I grew up on the shores of the ocean,
watching seagulls float currents with ease.
Among seaweed and tiny blue starfish,
‘mid the sounds of the onrushing seas.

Life is timeless when spent at the seaside,
vast expanse of blue water and sky.
Seascape dotted with whitecaps and sailboats,
foghorn moaning its long mournful cry.

In my mind, I return to the ocean,
revisit the joys I recall.
I rejoice in the glow of a red drowning sun,
let the crashing waves hold me in thrall.

I grew up on the shores of the ocean,
to return is my truest desire;
to feel sea-salted teardrops caressing my face,
watch the sunset turn water to fire.

Let me wander the damp, sandy shoreline,
hear the squeal of the gulls sweeping high,
lie surrounded by tiny blue starfish,
where the sea meets the edge of the sky.


© Sharon Anderson, 2014