the deepest blue of you

for awhile i lingered in a silence, this place where light no longer
differentiated between the shadows cast ~ bev smith


with calloused hands
reached inside
your heart and
pulled out sky.

a place my kites
could fly forever
without needing
worry of tangle
tethering strings.

in the nature
of your gentle,
corralled the sun
so each morning
in all weather
i may find a dance
among its rays.

placing every cloud
with care
in their dark place.
where in escape
i may stay to brood,
running the bulls
that on occasion
need freed of
my devil’s way.

and in your strength
pulled for me
every mountain’s mass
so sometimes,
when needed,

my feet
can touch
its solid ground

and i will feel
at once
all that lies within
our love.


© 2017 Bev Smith

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