Dreams Led Me Here

I’ve left the world I knew behind
for there are treasures I must find.
The future is a course that I must lay.

I can’t look back, for now I know
I can’t live in the status quo;
and leaving home’s the price that I must pay.

I follow stars that I have named,
as there my fortune will be claimed;
and heaven’s getting nearer every day.

When I arrive, my heart will cheer;
and I’ll proclaim, “dreams led me here”.
My aspirations then won’t be surreal.

And all my work that’s gone before
will open up a brand new door,
and then the bells of Paradise will peal.

I’ll plant my flag upon a star,
and life will be my cookie jar
as all who laughed at me will then be mum.

I’ll know a world that’s meant for me
as dreams become reality
and any doubts I had will then succumb.

All things that come before that day
are signs that merely lead the way
to take me to a destiny so grand.

And I will stand, a man apart,
through fortitude and fearless heart
as fate becomes a puppet in my hand.

© 2021 Josh Daniel