For You to Own


I am adrift in an ocean of silence,
sinking beneath each breath whispered
over the curvilinear space she fills,
leaving my mind vacant of all else
and my heart counting the longing
between every wanting beat.

The years’ passing permeated
what once was a consuming portion
to become consumed fully;
what once was just a song
became a sensuous symphony
laced by haunting harmonics.
I write to you who dream of love
to try and calm the turbulent currents
life tosses upon your heart;
to give you hope of this:
indelible love with passion exists.
It is living’s greatest gift.
Though the words written here
can not meet the measure I feel,
I send them to you as an inheritance.
It is for you to own.
Do not be fearful of love,
it is for you to own.

© Mark Andrew James Terry, 2011


It is interesting to see a love poem written not to the poet’s lover, but to those outside who might be reading.  As usual, Mark, it is beautiful, written with fresh language and thoughts that are more deeply buried than we are used to seeing.

Cynthia Bateman

My thoughts are that you write without the everyday descriptives and ideas creeping in. What you say is freshly worded in our great language, English. Your thoughts are not chippy-choppy but flow onwards, connectively, yet exploratively.

Ron Wiseman

“I write them as an inheritance.”  That line is unique and inspiring. What an amazing message to “inherit”. The only thing that made that line even more captivating is your last line “it is for you to own.”  To make love an entity that you can not only inherit, but own, is just powerful. Many often write of love as something that “just happens,” a random event that you have no control over. Here love is a wonderful living gift that you can keep forever. Beautiful message, beautiful title. Now where’s that bottle…

Katherine Michaels