From Humble Dark Beginnings

I grew beneath the shadows where light was hard to find
lay there amongst the darkness abandoned, left behind.
I reached with pure devotion and climbed through air to see
the only way was upwards, and that was down to me.

The Sun and rain were nearing yet still so out of reach
till rainbows rose beneath me to cause the earth to breach.
And here I stand before you a vision and a gift
oasis in a desert, a shelter when adrift.

My fruit will ease your hunger and calm your raging thirst
my leaves will gently whisper their melody rehearsed.
My arms will hold you firmly so you won’t feel alone
my spirit now within you will guide you safely home.

I am an ancient wonder, so few have seen me thrive
but all who come asunder I vow to keep alive
And each has told their story, tales of a phantom tree.
From humble dark beginnings, the tree of life is me.

© 2021 Lorraine Hyde