Heaven Blessed

Let me tender such devotion for the gift of happiness,
With this heaven sent emotion I am well and truly blessed.
For the joy of all my senses I am humbled and bemused,
Love shall break down my defences and obliterate my blues.

In my autumn years I find I’m now so grateful for the young,
Who eradicate my fears with the their amazing sense of fun.
In the arms of my sweet lover I shall reach the tallest peak,
We inspire one another when we smile or we speak.

When my grandchildren come calling I shall wear a golden crown,
They’re amazing and enthralling like a pair of circus clowns.
In the fingertips of nature we adventurers explore,
It’s a partnership I cherish and a blessing I adore.

For the joy of simply being and the love of kith and kin,
And the luxury of seeing all the treasures deep within.
In my happy ever afters my sweet song is being sung,
I’m so thankful for the laughter and my wicked sense of fun.

© 2019 Tim Parry