High Summer

Morning breaks and shatters
Falls down around my eyes
And stabs my darkness
With colored shards of awe

Azure satin sky enfolds me
As ecstasy takes hold
Warm and sultry like the sea
I behold the endless expanse overhead
And turn a dervish spin in amazement

I hail the puffy clouds
Come to punctuate the effervescent sky
With chariots of billowing silk
That shift before my eyes to thrill imagination

And then it all melts in a pool of bliss
Newborn candy raindrops pull me up into
A maelstrom of laughter
As nymphs glide by on jasmine winds
The melody of mother Earth enchants and entrances
And her children dance on pizzicato strings
As we wonder in the multicolored swirl
How we deserve such joy

© Thomas Horton, 2014


An image of sunrise bursting into the sky like a fireworks display, its light filtering down to illuminate the world. What a way to start the day! It puts us into big sky territory with cloud formations, wind and rain overloading the senses until we fall in a dizzy heap on the grass. The godly thank their deity as they see proof of belief, others connect with Earth Spirits or the Universe but surely none are left cold and unmoved when nature gives a show. Sad are those individuals who have never experienced such wonder.

Wally Schwim