I have been telling myself stories

I have been telling myself stories
about happiness again.
It does not even matter if they are true
if I believe them.
And so I pull the canoe into the lake
and begin to paddle.
Strokes rippling the water’s surface,
fish jumping,
an attentive heron watching with intensity
and then diving.
And I love the fish and I love the heron
with such strength
even this strong body with her muscles used to paddling
can barely contain it.
And it does not matter that this moment
is not other moments
a home filled with friends eating my cooking
the beach of my childhood
singing blended in perfect harmony
an old lover’s touch
because all such joy is entire,
whole, full,
with no space left over for stories.


cc by-nc-nd 3.0 Jamie Spriggs 2017

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