I’m a Child of the Wild


I’m a child of the wild and kin to the wind –
I – like her, can change angles and forms
of flow and I know how to pass by that which
impedes me. I know how to linger in
the dampness of a woodland’s morning breath
how to surf standing wave oceans with the
freedom of flight or how to kiss the prairie
grasses lightly so as not to disturb nature within.
I can go to heights where the hawks soar and to
depths of deserts – rushing by cacti and pushing along
tumbleweeds before coming to rest in the long-
forgotten dry gullies that time left behind.
I’m a child of the wild!

I’m a child of the wild and kin to the sun
I know how to shine above and beyond
that which meets your eye and how to urge
clouds laden with grief to release and go on.
I know how to loll just short of the shade
or how to wade in the shallows of shoals.
I send warmth from a distance as I travel
a path all my own. I can glance at the moon
when she lights up for me but I truly can say
that she’s nothing I need as I wander
a sky full of stars and breathe.
I’m a child of the wild.

© 2015 Joy A. Burki-Watson

Public Domain Photo