In Between

So, here I stand amid the briny surge
That jostles surf upon the shore,
Review another breaker’s jade converge
With bristling foam. My gaze is keen
Upon the far horizon, like a door
That blocks my seeing what’s in store,
Fast sealed to hide the future scene….

My feet are barely bathing at the brink
Of possibilities to come,
Yet waves are rolling faster than I think
I ever saw them as a teen
Or in mid-life. My toes feel numb,
As sheets of white to sea succumb,
Recede, no longer to be seen….

No trekking backward trails across the land,
But time to scavenger the beach,
Find shells and shiny treasures in the sand,
Explore the habitat marine,
While creature gems remain in reach….
Still much to learn…. God loves to teach,
As I await Him, in between.

© 2016 David L. Hatton