Let It Begin

Let the children awake
to the touch of sun and shadow.
Let them sense the nearness
of honest-to-goodness healing,
and reach out for the Being
who loved them into birth.

Let the grownups awake
from the terror of their dreams,
from illusions of aloneness
and an indifferent cosmos.

Let the whisper of starlight,
the voice of falling water,
the colors of autumn,
the energy of lightning,
the rumble of thunder,
let the stirring of the doe’s child
in the fallen leaves,
the blind strength of roots in soil
all waken them to the world as it is.

Never alone.

Let the world awake,
and treasuring all its parts,
as it rises and stretches to new greatness,
leave behind the deceits of dreams,
the falsity of “lack” and “more.”

Let the morning of Love begin.


© 2016 Susanne Donoghue

Public Domain Photo