Light of Knowledge

Unknown unaware this world
thrives in the effulgence of a light of lights
every soul is lime lighted from the source of compassion
there is no place that it does not reach.

Every nook and corner gets the brilliance of delight
a spec of a spark just makes the life visible
when the light fades the eyes gets drowned
the dark wings of nightfall on life

The journey of life is to reach the reality
the reach- back into the enlightenment,
eliminating the silhouetted darkness.
The lotus meditates all night for the sun
at dawn, he arrives to bless the world to bliss.

The dew rests on the petal of the lotus
gets dried into the ecstasy of nothingness.
Time gets dried before the globule
awareness of incandescence luster
makes you dance with the truth.

The realization of truth of emptiness
stretches your hands to embrace the world
into the fold of the permanent luminescence
to become one with eternal peace unaware,
delving on the pedestal of lotus stigma.
The light of knowledge emits unstringed love for all.

Camphor lit in my heart burns full without
any sediments.Wonder if life was like that!

© Satheesan Rangorth, 2016

Public Domain Photo