Muse of the Daylily

And so you uprooted me
a common clump of grass
from some miry ditch deeply
shadowed by sixty six branches
as I lay dying from a creeping rust

you bared my incurable blight
to your healing dawn of day –
fleshy fingers willingly enveloped
your cone of fertile earth
and stretched greedily
for that which I had been denied

like a girl emerging into full bloom
buds swelled fat
from the warmth of your light
and the cool of your dew
as you tasted my delectable sweetness
I unfolded unashamedly
before your captive gaze

in awe I saw an awakened self
reflected in your rays
now a brilliant beauty
full with rounded petals
of creamy palettes bleeding
into a velvety violet throat
of golden choirboys
singing songs of innocence

and as radiantly as you arose
you fell – ever long
setting ablaze saffron stained skies

with watermarked eyes
I watched my muse sinking
as my head bowed
I embraced my longing
…..and died


I would
live and die



© 2016 Stella Page

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