My Magic Moment



Out of my still surroundings,
out of an unfathomed ground:
an inexplicable clowning,
a long-forgotten sound.
From Heaven’s gate on angel wings,
a clarinet, then honeyed strings
begin one magic moment.

There’s no-one around who will hear it,
nobody here but me,
no-one to hail or fear it,
no-one to clap or cheer.
Closing my eyes, I feel each note
in perfect rhythm, linger, float;
this is one magic moment.

My keyboard becomes a wild Horseman,
dictating words I must type;
letters appear without game plan,
surpassing sensational hype.
Born on a whirlwind you uprise,
my untamed spirit, smiling eyes,
you are my magic moment.


© 2015 Eric Linden