Old Photo


Flea markets hold treasures & trash;
dishes with chipped edges, here
a framed photo

Two unkind, crabby faces
reminiscent of Grant Wood’s
American Gothic
only worse

What were you like? I stare at your photo.
On a leash, with a mean spike collar
around the neck
there cowers your starved dog;
a beagle

I like his sad doggy face
but you bore through me
with hostile eyes

I place the framed photo back
on the table crammed
with junk

The seller, your great-great-
grand-son, has your unkind
pinched face
it gives me
the willies.

© Jerry Kemp, 2014

Image: Grant Wood, Public Domain


I like going thru thrift shops. Unimaginable treasures are there to find. Watercolor paintings for a buck – and nice ones to boot. I haven’t purchased family photos, but they are available – not sure who would be in the market for another’s family.

I think your poem is well presented. Uneven verses bring home the thought of chipped china. Also assorted items available.

Eric Linden