[ Once upon a golden never ]

Mount Rainier National Park, photo by Jasmine Horn

Once upon a golden never
Was — or not — a perfect land
To whose shores the sea danced gladly,
Gently kissed the blessed sand.

In that uncorrupted nowhere
Mountains rose without a threat
Into clouds that softly watered
Fields on which no blood was let.

By the glorious name of No One
Reigned a king both just and wise;
Every subject of his kingdom
Was an equal in his eyes.

And a sweet mysterious nothing
Filled each heart throughout the land,
Made it love and leap as gladly
As the sea upon the sand.

For this never, nowhere, no one,
For this nothing mankind longs,
Ever dreaming of reclaiming
What is but the stuff of songs.

© 2019 Sarah Van der Pas

Photo by Jasmine Horn, Mount Rainier National Park (Flickr)