Orion’s Star


I’ve chased a comet through magenta skies,
delighting in its citrus-flaming course.
No hill would hamper where it went or when;
horizons mattered little on its flight.
As free as Pegasus and equal class,
it roved its province with unbridled glow;
I must profess an envy of such choice:
to fly unbounded and unpatterned – wild!
I’ve chased a comet and became inspired
to climb yon hills and touch the blue beyond,
to break horizons that impede my choice,
to find a peerless rose, nigrescent hue.
This is one reason why I must declare
a never-ending yearning for a star,
a jonquil star Orion may have lost,
a classic star unlike the common rest
in some far heaven where it’s still aglow.
I’ve chased a comet and became inspired.



© Eric Linden, 2016

Public Domain Photo