Paddy O’Mara

Happy St. Patrick's Day

If you hap’ to have a button
That may need a little thread,
‘Pon a coat that needs repairing
But with still some wear ahead,
Or yer dress may need a ribbon
For to bring it up to date,
To the fashion of the moment
Which yer love to emulate.

I suggest yer see O’Mara,
He’s a tailor and I hear
He can work a dozen wonders
Making garments less austere,
With a dart betwixt yer shoulders
Or a pleat about mid-waist,
He’ll transform yer older garments
With dexterity and grace.

He may charge a golden sovereign,
Or a penny, it depends
On the time he takes re-modelin’
Any up and comin’ trends,
But be sure what e’er the weather,
Be it shine or rain or hail,
He can have yer garments ready
‘Fore you’ve read a fairytale.

Course yer’ll have a job to find him
For his name ain’t in the book,
He’s a leprechaun I tells yer
And he lives in County Cooke,
Where the best-dressed folk are dwellin’
And ‘tis good to be alive –
Should yer hap’ to find O’Mara,
’Twixt the hours of nine to five.

© Lulu Gee, 2013

Licensed Clipart