Passing On

Understanding all the problems in this complicated world
each demanding unremittingly, their craziness unfurled.
Keeping track’s a juggling act, for each one’s urgent, each one’s big,
beating back all sense of sanity; your mind’s a whirligig.

Whirling down the winding paths formed by the choices you have made,
whizzing ‘round each twisty turn without protective balustrade…
every day you hope and pray the time will come for calm repose –
then straightway another twist: an endless game of dominos.

Dominating all your thoughts and infiltrating nightly dreams:
the frustrating doubts that niggle, the what-ifs and might-have-beens.
Every worry causes blurring; who you thought you were erodes.
Yet you scurry onwards blindly as your confidence corrodes.

Corresponding contradictions: ‘what destroys can make us strong’ –
life’s absconding with your strength as we approach the last furlong.
You have witnessed those who’ve quit; their will to fight had sadly ceased…
Intermittently you cheer for them – their choice to be released.

Realizing your own limits in a world you cannot change,
recognizing that you tried (though your results were all short-range),
you can rest, you did your best, and now it’s time to pass the reins.
Reinvest in simple joys and live what life to you remains.

© 2023 Moira Cameron
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